Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A.T.A.C. vs Interceptor

The full name of this article is 5.11 Tactical A.T.A.C. 8" Side Zip vs Magnum Interceptor 8.0 SZ WP.

Left: A.T.A.C. - Right: Interceptor
Both boots offer good protection for the feet and provide good ankle support. I have (accidentally) kicked and been kicked on the feet and ankles and it sure helps to have either of these boots on.  The A.T.A.C.s have slightly more padding on the sides so it softens impact a little better.

Although these boots are not steel capped, they do help if someone steps on your toes.

I am unsure if this means better protection, but the sole of the A.T.A.C.s are much harder than the Interceptors.

The side zips on both boots save a lot of time when wearing and removing them. I do not know how long the zips will last but hopefully a very long time for myself since I do not actually use boots for rough duty.

In this department the A.T.A.C.s are better than the Interceptors. The zips on the A.T.A.C.s moves smoother and the velcro straps to hold the zippers in place are larger than the Interceptors.

A.T.A.C. Zip
Interceptor Zip
The A.T.A.C.s are slightly easier to wear than the Interceptors due to the open flap at the zip area. Of course the Interceptors have a closed flap probably to provide full waterproofing on the side. I am not sure if the non-waterproof Interceptors have an open flap, but I have seen that the waterproof version of the A.T.A.C. also has a sealed side area where the zip is.
Non-waterproof Open Flap
Waterproof Closed Flap

The Interceptors I bought have a waterproof/breathable membrane. I do not know if this is the same Sympatex Plus that Magnums had on the old Stealths, but so far they work just as well.

My A.T.A.C.s are not waterproof but there is a waterproof version which I guess work the same.

These come in very handy in the rain or just going through puddles of water.

Foot Comfort
This is where the Interceptors and I would say Magnums in general are way ahead of the competition. The first time I tried on Magnum Stealth Waterproofs my feet felt good, but as I wore them more, it was clear that these boots were the most comfortable footwear I have ever worn in my whole life. Better than any cross-trainers or basketball boots. Don't try to play basketball in them(I have tried), but walking, running and standing around feels very comfortable in Magnums.

The Interceptor like the Stealths before it, are very comfortable and feel much nicer on the feet than the A.T.A.C.s. For me this is most evident when standing around. After about ten minutes my feet start to ache in A.T.A.C.s.  I can stand about one hour in the Interceptors before the aching starts.

I am happy to say that while walking or running in A.T.A.C.s, my feet feel fine.  Not as comfortable as the Interceptors but still OK.

Other Stuff
Both boots do not have any metallic hardware so no need to take them off to walk through airport scanners.

Both boots have non-slip oil resistant soles.

The Interceptors are slightly lighter than the A.T.A.C.s.  I am guessing this is due to the extra padding in the A.T.A.C.s

I am an office worker, so why on Earth do I have two combat/security boots?  Too much Rainbow Six led me to buy Magnum Stealth Waterproofs just for fun. When time came to dispose of them, I immediately looked to buy a new pair of Magnums. After a long time I could not find a shop nearby that stocked them, so I thought why not try a different brand and bought a pair of 5.11 Tactical A.T.A.C. 8" Side Zip boots.

After wearing the A.T.A.C.s for a while, it was clear not all combat/security boots are equal!  Back to searching for Magnums I go. When the opportunity came, I snapped up the Interceptors in a flash - good ol' Magnum comfort.

I only wear boots three to four days a week and I do not perform rough duties with them. As such I cannot say whether these boots are very durable. My old Stealths lasted me seven years under these conditions.

Next, I gotta try Magnums with the separate zipper thingy.