Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Look! A Three Headed Elephant!

A famous and very lucky pirate once said "Look behind you, a three headed monkey!". 

I have yet to see the three headed monkey that Guybrush was talking about.

But I was fortunate enough to go to a place called Erawan in Bangkok(at least I think it is still in Bangkok), where there is a big statue of a three headed elephant.  I am unsure whether Erawan is the name of the elephant or just the name of the place, but it was an impressive statue.

There is a museum inside the elephant itself but we did not have the time this time to visit inside.  Apart from being a tourist attraction it is also a place where people go to pray.

Being a big statue and very high up,  I just had to see what 20x zoom can do.

The statue is quite close to the main road as this shot shows.